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How do I know if this program is the right level for me?

These programs are designed to be suitable for all levels. They are based on the exercises I would normally give to my contortion students in person, but are modified in a way that makes them approachable for everyone. (This includes specific modifications for exercises that may be too hard/easy upon the first try).

Is there a refund policy?

All sales are final for these programs. But we assure you, if you use the programs as intended, you will reap the benefits!

How long will I have access to the content?

Forever! You have unlimited lifetime access once purchased.

How long do the programs take/what is the time commitment for each program?

The Contortion Strong programs will take around 20 minutes once you know the curriculum. But plan for the first few sessions to take longer so you can properly learn the exercises by working with the instructional videos. The Minis are even less of a time commitment and should only take between 10-15 minutes once you know the routine.

Common Questions

Do I need specific equipment?

Some programs do require specific props. The most common being resistance bands, light weights, and a yoga block. You can always get creative if you don't have these items though (use a heavy book rather than weights, use a scarf or belt rather than a yoga strap, etc.). You can see the specific props needed for each program when clicking "read more" under the program name.

Perfectly strategic and purpose-driven programs

Catie left no room for nonsense in her flexibility programs. These are not your average clickbait blog articles on "how to get better splits in 5 easy steps". Each exercise has been studied and tweaked to perfection to serve specific real goals.

Flexibility and stretching classes

Take it to the next level!

Great as stand-alone programs, yet perfectly enhance and complement any flexibility plan you have; especially ones from Catie.

Specific, precise, efficient!

All On-Demand programs have precise and specific purposes, goal-driven to give you the results you are looking for.

Flexibility and stretching classes

Complete your full-body routine

Whether you're hoping to improve your toe-point, hip flexors, or want a more effective warm-up for stretching, these programs fill any and all possible gaps in your training.

Flexibility and stretching classes
Flexibility and stretching classes

Pre-Backbending Conditioning

Focus on your back, core, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings to properly prep your body for deep backbending. This program will set you up for a healthy and safe backbend session.

28€ — Check it out

Flexibility and stretching classes

Post-Backbending Conditioning

Improve your strength parallel to your flexibility to support your increased range of motion. Strengthen your core and upper body without hindering your flexibility. Minimize post-backbend soreness. 

23€ — Check it out

Flexibility and stretching classes

Leg Flex Edition Warm-up Conditioning

Condition your body to prepare for all levels of leg flexibility training. Activate and strengthen your glutes, hamstring, quads, and hip flexors, so they do the heavy lifting and allow your other muscles to stretch and relax safely!

28€ — Check it out

The need for strength is seriously overlooked in the contortion world, which is why these programs were developed! With this training, your body will feel stronger in all the right ways, and you will be able to push your flexibility further with less risk of injury.

Be Strong, Be Safe, Be Bendy.

Flexibility and stretching classes
Flexibility and stretching classes

Hip Flexor Edition

Have perpetually tight hip flexors? Look no further! This set of exercises will help those stubborn hip flexors finally cooperate, and make it easier to access your hips in splits, backbends, and everything in between.

15€ — Check it out

Flexibility and stretching classes

Hamstring Edition

A collection of the most effective and tested exercises by Catie for your hamstrings. Get rid of any overstretched sensation and soreness, strengthen key muscle groups, and get pain-free flexible hamstrings!

15€ — Check it out

Flexibility and stretching classes

Shoulder Edition