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Hip Hip Hooray! Workshop Bundle


If you are wondering WHY your hip flexors are so stubborn and what to do about it to help your specific issues, this Mini/Workshop Bundle is for you!

During the 1 hour and 45-minute workshop, Catie discusses how to train your hip flexibility in ways that will easily translate into contortion/aerial/pole tricks, common compensations, and mistakes, and ensure you know WHAT you should actually be feeling when stretching your hips. Not only will you know so much more about those grumpy hips, but you'll also know how to address them and get the absolute most out of the Hip Flexor Mini.


  • Contortion Strong Mini: Hip Flexor Edition

  • Hip Hip Hooray! Companion Workshop


  • Ankle weights (ideally adjustable)

  • Mini resistance bands

Hip Hip Hooray! Workshop Bundle
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