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 How it works 

Choose your training plan!

Pick the plan that best aligns with your goals. 
(However, if you plan to get both, start with the leg training first!)


Book your time with Catie

Follow a few easy steps to schedule your time and then fill in all the needed info, including photos to gauge your flexibility.


Get your personalized plan

Catie reviews your info and photos and prepares your personalized training plan within 15 days!


Meet 1-on-1 with Catie

After following your plan, meet with Catie to receive feedback on your form, get fun new cues to work with, and further exercise personalization!


Leg Flexibility Training Plan

Achieve better splits, leg tricks, and lines in the air or upside down! This training plan will be customized to your body and includes:

​+ 45-minute consultation

15-20 exercises of leg warm-ups, stretches, and active flexibility

Personal feedback and notes to accompany your training plan​

Email support directly from Catie regarding the training

Learn more & sign up!

250€ (tax included)

flexibility training
flexibility training

Back Flexibility Training Plan

Safely improve your back flexibility with a strong focus on upper back, hip flexors, and strength-based exercises. With this personalized plan, you will receive: 

​+ 45-minute consultation

15-20 exercises of back warm-ups, stretches, and active flexibility

Personal feedback and notes to accompany your training plan​

Email support directly from Catie regarding the training

Learn more & sign up!

250€ (tax included)

Built by Catie to be your complete personal plan for years and years.

These plans created with the utmost care by a contortionist for contortionists.
The plans are equipped with everything you need to have the legs and back of a bendy shrimp!

Crystal Clear Instructions

There is no room for confusion in a flexibility plan. Descriptions, photos, and even demo videos accompany each exercise!

Personalized for your body

Catie pays close attention to the images you send and makes sure that you work on your weak points and build upon your personal strengths.

Focus on Active Flexibility

Use your muscles to actively get yourself in/out of your end range of motion, which is the secret to retaining hard-earned flexibility!

Common Questions

  • If you are brand new, I actually recommend starting with the Flexibility Starter Pack. This program will ensure you develop a strong foundation to build on, and will set you up for success with the Personalized Training!

  • I recommend doing this training at least 2-3 times a week, and eventually going up to 4 days once your body starts to get used to the program. But if you are only able to commit to once a week, you will still be able to benefit!

  • Each plan takes roughly an hour. Once you get used to the training, it may go down to about 45 minutes.

  • The amount of progress made is highly dependent on your body and how much work you put in. For some people, they see BIG changes within the first month, for some they might not see big changes until 3 months. As long as you do the training and focus on the technique, you will improve with this training!

  • This training includes one 45-minute session. These sessions are booked out months in advance, but students can choose to book additional 15 or 30-minute sessions before/after their official consult for more 1-1 time!

  • After the included 45-minute consult is completed, you can schedule additional 30-minute check-ins. During these sessions, we will work on advancing your exercises and make any necessary updates to your training plan. These 30-minute sessions will be available at a discounted rate of 55€ (Regular price is 60€).

  • It depends on how the training progresses, but usually after a year. I design these training plans to be usable forever. I won’t include exercises that need to be phased out quickly (flexibility training is very much about consistency and repetition, so constant changes are not necessary). We will progress your training through additional 30-minute sessions, during which we will modify and tweak your exercises to ensure they continue to be beneficial as you progress!

  • Absolutely! You'll be able to email Catie with any questions you have about your training before your consult. Some students also choose to book additional 15 or 30-minute sessions before their official consult to get more 1-1 time and real-time feedback.

Looking for more? A smart Shrimp bundles and saves!

Bundle your personalized plan with the on-demand Contortion Strong Series. The bundle works wonders, especially with instructions on how to get the most out of your time!

Legs for Days Bundle

Everything a contortionist needs to maximize their leg flexibility training. This bundle adds the Contortion Strong Leg Warm-Up, Toe Point Mini, and Hamstring Mini to your Personalized Leg Training Plan.

293€ (20€ savings!)

Save & sign up today!

flexibility training
flexibility training

Back in Action Bundle

Make the most out of your Personalized Back Training Plan by adding the Contortion Strong Pre- and Post- Backbend Conditioning PLUS both Shoulder and Hip Minis.

321€ (25€ savings!)

Save & sign up today!

Before and After!

Students from all over the world are making beautiful, healthy progress with Catie's programs.

Get ready to say "goodbye" to ineffective stretch sessions. With the Personalized Flexibility Training, Catie will create a training plan just for you and teach you how to make the most of it during a 1-1 consultation.

Train your flexibility anytime, from anywhere in the world

flexibility training
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