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Post-Backbending Conditioning


Post-backbend conditioning is a crucial part of safe flexibility training. While you are improving flexibility, you must also be developing strength to support your increased range of motion. Have you ever been so sore the days after contortion/flexibility training that you couldn't successfully train your back flexibility for a few days? If so, this training is for you!

This conditioning program consists of a complete core and upper body training plan to be done directly after backbending. The exercises included are designed to strengthen your body after extreme backbending without negatively affecting your flexibility training.

If done correctly, this training will help decrease extreme soreness due to heavy stretching, while also helping you to gain the necessary strength to safely train flexibility and contortion.

Note: This plan does not include any exercises designed to improve back flexibility.


  • 12-exercise conditioning routine

  • Detailed instructional videos, photos, written cues, and reps for each exercise

Post-Backbending Conditioning
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