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Leg Flex Edition Warm-up Conditioning


When stretching, it is necessary for specific muscles to be active, so the opposing muscles can relax. If those specific muscles aren’t strong enough to engage while holding a stretch, you will get much less benefit from your stretching. That is why this guide was created! To ensure the correct muscles are strong and active and ready to help you get deeper (in the safest possible way) into your stretches.

This program includes conditioning exercises to help strengthen the areas that should be active while training your splits: glutes, hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors, as well as dynamic warm-up exercises to really get your body warmed up! In using this guide, your body will be well prepared for any level of leg flexibility training.

Note: This plan does not include any passive stretches, although you should find you are able to get deeper in your stretches more easily by using this program!


  • 10-exercise conditioning routine

  • Detailed instructional videos, photos, written cues, and reps for each exercise

Leg Flex Edition Warm-up Conditioning
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