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Post Workout Stretch Series


This series consists of 3 follow-along videos all designed to be done directly after your workout; whether it’s an in-home workout, an aerial/pole/fitness class, or even just your morning run, these programs will get you loosened up and feeling good. You have the option to follow the Full Body Stretch (recommended), or if you’re low on time, you can follow the Lower Body or Upper Body Minis.

Note: This series is not a comprehensive flexibility training curriculum. It is intended specifically to loosen things up after working out. If you'd like a personalized flexibility training plan, you can see details for this option here.


  • 3 unique follow-along stretch sessions: one 15-minute Full Body Stretch, and two 8-minute Minis (one for Lower Body and one for Upper Body)

  • The option to follow along with or without background music

  • A happier body thanks to not neglecting your post-workout stretching!

Post Workout Stretch Series
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