Catie and her Husband Sean formed Catie Brier Contortion LLC in 2018. However, Catie has over 10 years of experience as a world-renowned flexibility and contortion instructor. As a former professional contortionist, Catie created a unique contortion program at Circus Center in San Francisco, which garnered a lot of attention.


From there, Catie established the "Contortion Intensive," a one-of-a-kind passion project that turned into an intensive summer training program specifically for contortionists for an impressive five-year run.

In 2018, after forming their company, Catie and Sean took their business (and son) international. Catie's highly personalized, safe, and practical techniques have attracted students at-home in Munich, throughout Europe, and Beyond!

Now, with an awe inspiring community of 100k+ followers on Instagram, Catie is breaking new limits with her programs and setting new contortion standards worldwide.

So what are you waiting for? Come join the Shrimp Army and become bendy! And who knows, you might even be the Shrimp of the Month one day!

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