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Hamstring Edition


This must-have, all-levels Contortion Strong Mini is comprised of the most effective and beneficial exercises I’ve used over the years to help students of all levels develop virtually pain-free hamstrings.

If you experience any of the following sensations accompanying your hamstring stretching, this program is for you!:

  • Feeling like your hamstrings are stretching too far too quickly, causing an overstretched sensation
    Inability to get your hamstrings more flexible no matter how much you stretch

  • Extreme hamstring soreness for days after stretching resulting in not being able to stretch again for 3-7 days

  • Generally uncooperative hamstrings OR Feeling pike/forward folds in places other than your hamstrings (calves, back, sciatic nerve sensations, etc)

In doing this training you will strengthen all of the key muscle groups that need to be active and strong to allow you to get deeper in your pike/forward fold. You’ll work on targeting your hamstrings, glutes, and quads, in the specific ways needed to improve hamstring function and flexibility.


  • 7-exercise hamstring mobility training plan

  • Detailed instructional videos, photos, written cues, and reps for each exercise


  • 2 yoga blocks

  • A heavy-extra heavy mini or regular resistance band

  • A weight or heavy books

The Hamstring Mini can work wonders on its own. But if you also want a deeper understanding of why your hamstrings might be problematic, and/or how to ensure you're getting the right muscles working to solve any issues- you'll want this workshop. Bundle the Hamstring Mini with the Happy Hammies Companion Workshop and you'll gain instant access to both programs, all while saving 5€! Get the bundle here.

Hamstring Edition
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