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If you're looking for some one-to-one time with Catie, you've come to the right place! You have 3 session types to choose from:

INT/ADV TRICK CONSULTS are ideal for int/adv students who are already able to do chest stand/forearm stand/handstand, and are looking to troubleshoot tricks, need help with technique or training structure, or learning how to train advanced skills more effectively.

TROUBLESHOOTING SESSIONS are for those who want to work on improving flexibility in just one area, like middle splits or shoulders, but do not need a full flexibility curriculum to follow. During this 30-minute session, students will be given personalized exercises to target the specific areas that need work.

A 15-MINUTE Q&A is specifically for those with flexibility-related questions and/or those who are seeking advice about their best online training options. These sessions are for discussion only and will not include exercises and drills.

All 1-1 sessions are purely dealing with technique and approach for contortion/flexibility training.

Students will not be given a training plan or exercise list from the session.

15 and 30-minute sessions, specifically for advanced or targeted training.​

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