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Shoulder Edition


This program is an absolute must-have if your handstands or backbends suffer because you have a hard time with:

  • Stacking your shoulders over your wrists

  • Keeping your arms straight in backbends/shoulder stretches

  • Getting your shoulders up to your ears

  • Balancing out your aerial shoulders

This Contortion Strong Mini is designed to improve "shoulders up to ears" strength and flexibility needed for handstands, backbends, or anything where you need your arms overhead with shoulders elevated to ears. With the program, you will have a mini workout to be done before handstand or flexibility training, or as a stand-alone routine. If done properly, you will feel a much stronger extension through your shoulders immediately. And over time this area will greatly improve!


  • 6-exercise shoulder mobility training plan

  • Detailed instructional videos, photos, written cues, and reps for each exercise


  • A yoga strap, or something similar, with NO stretch

  • Weights or other heavy items, such as books, ranging from 4-9 kilos (8-20 pounds)

  • A yoga block

  • A resistance band (a looped mini band is ideal, or a long theraband tied into a loop will work as well)

Shoulder Edition
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