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Contortion Strong Reviews

​“I’ve done the Contortion Strong Mini: Toe Point program 5 times so far, and my point is already so much better! My feet are so much stronger in just a few days- I can’t believe it!! I love this program!”⁣

Anamaria Bozga

Pole Dancer/Studio Owner

​"I love the Contortion Strong Mini: Shoulder Edition! My old, stiff, sore shoulders feel young again every time I do it."

Karen Elise

Pole Dancer

​“After doing the Pre and Post-back Contortion Strong programs for a few weeks, I can already see a difference! My back doesn’t hurt anymore, I am even more flexible than before, and thanks to these programs, I can also do new tricks as I am strong enough to hold them now!”



​"I have struggled with lower back pain since I started circus 6 years ago. I have trained with numerous coaches internationally, but THIS conditioning program (Post-Backbending) has changed my world. My body feels satisfied/fullfilled/complete, my core feels uber strong, AND my back is so happy!"

Sara Kidston

Circus Artist

“The Post-Backbending Contortion Strong program is an absolute must-have for any back bending contortionist!”

Leah Orleans

Professional Contortionist, Acrobat, and Clown

"Since my hamstring tear 1.5 years ago I have struggled a lot with regaining my hamstring flexibility and have always had a lot of pain in stretching. I completed the Contortion Strong Mini: Hamstring Edition TWO TIMES and today for the first time since my injury I got my splits FLAT! AND I had NO PAIN! Thank you so much for your help!!"

Abbie Elsner


​"I love the Contortion Strong Mini: Shoulder Edition. I'm so stiff that it's usually hard for me to stretch my shoulders without someone pushing on them, but these exercises helped me go deeper without anyone's help!"

Nicolas Jelmoni

Professional Acrobat

Virtual Workshop Reviews

​“In the 4 weeks since taking the Mini Middle Split virtual workshop, I have made more progress than I had made in an entire year. And I’m not even stretching more often, just more effectively by using what I learned in the workshop!”



"The Elusive Upper Back workshop absolutely met my expectations!! Some of the exercises we did I’ve practiced already, but the corrections Catie offered made them completely different from what I’ve been taught previously. I feel like I have finally managed to feel them properly. My body feels so sore now (in a good way)! And I believe I’ve never worked those muscles like this EVER ​before."



​"This Mini Middle Split workshop was excellent! Catie is just so damn good, and very attentive to your personal needs. I love the drills and exercises she’s provided; they really help identify the muscles to activate for middle splits, which can be a challenge sometimes. The class size is perfect too, just enough time and attention for everyone, but also gives you a little (needed) breather between exercises."



“Catie is literally one of the best trainers I’ve ever had and I didn’t even meet her in real life.”



"The Elusive Upper Back workshop exceeded my expectations. I just loved the tailored nature of it and how Catie so easily adapted to the different needs of the students."



"The Mini Middle Split workshop was amazing and just what I needed. My motivation for middlesplits is back, and I feel like I have some new tools to achieve the goals. It was nice that you got feedback from Catie, but at the same time had the opportunity to look at the others and their feedback as well. Would recommend this workshop to everybody, regardless of level!"



"The Seriously Square Splits virtual workshop was extremely helpful and gives you all the insights you need to really work those square splits!"



“The Hippy Dippy Back Flex workshop made an obvious and immediate improvement to my bridge- I can’t believe how big of a difference it made!”



"I love and continue to enjoy my experience with Catie! Her Personalized Training Plan helped me get to my flexibility goals through smart, specific exercises. I'm thrilled with my progress! It's also so helpful when we meet online - all the pointers she gives goes a long way and continues to help when I work on the training plan on my own. No-nonsense, straight to the point, fuss-free, and extremely effective training! :) Thank you Catie! <3"

Victoria Velasco

Pole Dancer/Aerialist

"I've been training with Catie's Personalized Training Plans for almost a year now and I can't believe the progress I made! People usually say that you have to train flexibility when you're very young, or you won't get flexible. That's absolutely not true...if you train with Catie! All the explanation, the details, the attention that Catie put into her training is priceless. This is absolutely the best flexibility training I've ever done!"

Sofia Macchi

Mobility Enthusiast

"Enrolling in Catie's Personalized Leg and Targeted Back training was surely one of the best decisions I made last year! Ever since, I feel I have spent a lot of time with Catie, with her knowing it or not 😉. Now after the online consultation I feel even more motivated to continue my stretching journey and reach for higher goals."

Julia Pauer


"I really never thought my body was built to be bendy with how muscular I am, but Catie's Personalized Leg and Targeted Back training has proven that all wrong.”

Abbey Allen


“Since I started Catie’s Personalized Back Flexibility ​training, I got so much stronger and more confident in my backbending. I used to be really scared of stretching my back and shoulders deeper, but with the guidance and strength practice from Catie it’s totally not a problem anymore. I also used to struggle to go up and down in a bridge, because I was afraid of it, but now I can do 5-10 in a row and they feel awesome. My back feels healthier and more flexible than ever before. I love the online sessions too because the little cues that she gives will help you bend deeper immediately and more safely! I love all her programs and can only recommend them- it’s so much safer to practice with guidance!”

Amalia Lang

Pole Dancer

“I’ve had a consistent yoga practice for a number of years, but backbends have never really happened for me. I didn’t look forward to doing them, and they never felt good - so I decided a different approach was needed. I really liked how Catie spoke about building strength to increase range in a safe way, so I signed up for the Personalized Back Flexibility training. What a difference it makes!! I simply can’t believe the progress I’ve made. And what’s more, I now actually look forward to doing backbends, which is a lovely bonus for me!”

Hamish Hesketh


Personalized Training Reviews

In-Person Training Reviews

"Catie has a great attitude - firm but respectful, and fun in a way that brought people from all over and all ages together. She has great responses when asked about technique and has an excellent eye and intuition with all different bodies."

Ashlee Milanich

Professional Aerialist

"Catie is a wonderful coach to work with - I really appreciate the experience of training under a coach who has worked and trained as a professional contortionist, which is hard to come by! I really love the variety of bridge stretches I learned, and how to modify my splits and backbends to focus the stretches on each part of the kinetic chain."

Kaeti Frady

Aerialist and Hand Balancer

​"There are so many things I am thrilled and excited about from training with Catie. I had no idea it was possible to progress so rapidly! Catie has totally changed my life with her wealth of knowledge, intelligent and productive approach to training, and super supportive nature. She creates an environment that makes the seemingly impossible, possible while also being super fun. I always feel empowered in training and also very safe. In just a few weeks of working with her, I grew in so many ways and learned so much about my body and how to effectively train to achieve my goals. I really feel like the sky is the limit now!"

Anita Kessio

Contortionist In-Training

"I have been dancing since age 5, and have had many stretching coaches over the years. Catie was the only coach able to get my legs and back past what I assumed was my "natural stopping point." Her classes bring students to a level of flexibility they never thought possible in a safe and healthy way."

Erica Saben

Professional Tight-Wire Walker

"Catie is awesome. She helped me correct so many bad habits that other instructors have not been able to. I love her fun attitude, but also that safety and proper technique are primary focuses in her training."


Professional Aerialist and Contortionist

"Catie is fantastic. I’ve never worked with a coach who has such a complete understanding of contortion and how to push boundaries safely.​"

Reilly Gurl

Contortionist and Aerialist

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