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Flexibility Starter Pack


This program is perfect for you if you are:

  • A total beginner

  • Someone who has tried and tried but hasn't been able to get more flexible

  • Hypermobile and want to make sure you’re approaching flexibility training in the safest way possible

  • A former dancer/aerialist/gymnast/etc. who has taken a long time off and wants to start getting your flexibility back

  • An athlete who needs more flexibility for their sport, but doesn't necessarily want to be a contortionist


  • All 3 Contortion Strong conditioning programs (Leg Warm-up, Pre-Back, and Post-Back)

  • The Post-Workout Stretch Series

  • A letter from Catie including 3 training schedules with varying degrees of intensity per day/week

With the Contortion Strong programs, you'll start building the right kind of strength to support your flexibility training, and with the Stretch Series you'll be able to get in the habit of stretching regularly, but without having to commit a whole lot of time.

Flexibility Starter Pack
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