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Make me Bendy!

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 How it works 


Schedule your 1-on-1 consultation

Use the booking system at the bottom of this page to select your training package and book your consult date.

(If you plan to sign up for both leg and back flexibility, please schedule your leg flex session for an earlier date. The details are all tied together, and this way the training will go smoother!)


Fill out intake form/Upload photos

Fill out intake form/Upload photos

After choosing your preferred date, you'll fill out a detailed form about your goals, past and

present injuries, and a couple of multiple-choice questions.


You’ll also need to include 5 bendy pictures for Catie to study. Very specific poses and angles (shown below) are required to assess your flexibility. These pictures will go a long way in creating the perfect back flexibility training plan for your body.

Shoulder stretch from the side

Shoulder stretch from the top

Cobra from the side

Bridge from the front

Bridge from the side


Sit back, relax, and wait to receive your training plan

Catie will use the information you've given to create your training plan, which will be ready within 15-days of signing up. You will receive an email notification as soon as your plan is ready, and it will be accessible directly from your account under the My Training tab.


Once you receive your training plan, please work on it as consistently as possible in preparation for your meeting with Catie.


Meet with Catie to unlock your bendiest potential!

Consultations are conducted via Zoom. You will receive a link for your scheduled session upon signing up, and again in your appointment reminder emails.

During your consultation, you will go through your entire training plan with Catie. This will ensure you fully understand how to make the absolute most out of each exercise. Catie will also take time to further identify any boundaries or limits you are experiencing in your body, and answer any questions you may have.

  • If you are brand new, I actually recommend starting with the Flexibility Starter Pack. This program will ensure you develop a strong foundation to build on, and will set you up for success with the Personalized Training!

  • I recommend doing this training at least 2-3 times a week, and eventually going up to 4 days once your body starts to get used to the program. But if you are only able to commit to once a week, you will still be able to benefit!

  • Your plan will take roughly an hour to go through from start to finish. Once you get used to the training, it may go down to about 45 minutes.

  • YES. The training plans are carefully designed to be done in order for maximum effectiveness. 

  • Absolutely! You'll be able to email Catie with any questions you have about your training before your consult. Some students also choose to book additional 15 or 30-minute sessions before their official consult to get more 1-1 time and real-time feedback.

  • Warmed up, yes. Maxed out, no. Catie needs to see a realistic representation of your everyday flexibility, not the furthest you can get on a good day.

Common Questions

Sign-up now to receive your personalized training plan!

The booking system shows the earliest available appointments. Although your consult won't occur immediately, you will receive your training plan within 15-days of signing up and can email Catie questions before your consult if needed.

If you don't see the booking system below click here

Your training plan is yours for life. Plans never expire and they are the perfect tool to build on for years to come.

Included in your plan will be up to 20 personalized exercises complete with photos, descriptions, and demo videos.

Back Flexibility Training Plan

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