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Becoming Bendy can be a daunting journey.

Beginners and professionals alike struggle to become more flexible. With so many programs available promising fast results, it can be frustrating not to reach your goals.

Not seeing progress?

Safe flexibility training takes patience, and setting a short timeline for results can end in demotivation.

Worrying about injuries?

Pushing yourself to improve too quickly can often end in injury and unnecessary setbacks.

Finding stretching painful?

Although stretching can be uncomfortable, when done right, it shouldn’t be painful.

Personalized Flexibility Training for seriously bendy progress

Want to improve your splits? Or finally understand what you need to really improve your backbend? Then look no further.


Get yourself a Personalized Flexibility Training Plan created by Catie specifically for you. Then meet 1-1 online with Catie to truly understand what’s holding you back and finally see real, lasting progress!


A training plan on its own can only help you so much. Getting 1-1 coaching is one of the best ways to see real progress in your flexibility. That's why this is the best flexibility training available to reach your bendy goals.


The combination of a comprehensive training plan and receiving real-time feedback and guidance is the secret sauce that's been missing in your life.

Give me the sauce!

Flexibility Training

Flexibility workshops and retreats

Catie's Flexibility Workshops and Retreats are full of ambitious, supportive, and flexible people! Join other shrimps from around the world and achieve your contortion goals together.

Flexibility Workshops

Working hard doesn't have to be boring. Have fun with Catie and other shrimps online or in a studio near you!

Learn more!

Flexibility Training
Flexibility Training

Flexibility Retreats

Surround yourself with new flexible friends from all over the world in exotic locations. Cocktails, anyone?

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What other shrimps say! 

"Enrolling in Catie's Personalized Flexibility Training was surely one of the best decisions I made last year! Ever since, I feel I have spent a lot of time with Catie, with her knowing it or not 😉. Now I feel more motivated to continue my stretching journey!"

Julia Pauer


​"I love the Contortion Strong Mini: Shoulder Edition. I'm so stiff that it's usually hard for me to stretch my shoulders without someone pushing on them, but these exercises helped me go deeper without anyone's help!"

Nicolas Jelmoni

Professional Acrobat

"I’ve done the Contortion Strong Mini: Toe Point program 5 times so far, and my point is already so much better! My feet are so much stronger in just a few days - I can’t believe it!! I love this program!”⁣

Anamaria Bozga

Pole Dancer / Studio Owner

"I really never thought my body was built to be bendy with how muscular I am, but Catie's Personalized Leg and Back Flexibility Training Plans has proven that all wrong.”

Abbey Allen


Contortion Strong™ Series

Got flexibility problems? Let's solve 'em! Each of these On-Demand programs was created to solve a specific flexibility-related problem.


Hamstrings always feel over-stretched and painful? We got you. Hip flexors won’t open up no matter how much you stretch? Not anymore! Low back hurts for days after doing backbends? Let’s change that.

These programs address problems that people commonly face on their flexibility journeys, and give precise and effective exercises. Plus, they can be done whenever, wherever and are short enough to fit into an already busy training schedule.

Learn more!

Flexibility Training

Flexibility coaching for anyone from bendy circus performers, to strong weight lifters, and everyone in between.

Bullshit-Free Flexibility Coaching for a Strong Bendy Body

Flexibility Training
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