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Virtual Workshop Info

​These all-level workshops are offered every few months and are a great way to learn safe and effective ways to train specific areas. Each workshop focuses on Catie Brier's methods for training and retaining flexibility. So you will walk away not only knowing how to train each area but why we do each exercise.

Virtual Workshops are 75 minutes with a maximum of 6 participants. So every student will get as much personal attention and feedback as needed! Each class is 60€ (per person).


Middle Split Magic

Have you been stuck at the same place in your middle split for what seems like FOREVER? Then this workshop is for you! We will go over exercises and stretches to improve your middle split and straddle (passively AND actively!). So whether you want a better straddle for your press handstand, or just really want those last two inches to get flat already, this workshop will absolutely help you reach your middle split goals!

Seriously Square Splits

Have a hard time understanding how to square your hips? Or don’t know what is limiting your progress in front splits? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this workshop, we will focus on the flexibility and strength needed for square splits, why “square” is so important, and post-stretching active flexibility. Whether you’re just starting your flexibility journey, or you’ve been at it for a while, you will walk away from this workshop knowing how to square those splits and what to work on to keep seeing progress!

Elusive Upper Back

Can't seem to get your upper back to bend at will or move at all? This workshop helps students to understand how to unlock those elusive upper back muscles. We will go over back, shoulder, and neck extension exercises so students can walk away knowing how to address upper back mobility and also be able to connect it with shoulder and neck extension.

Hippy Dippy Back Flex

Do you want to understand how to better use your hips for a stronger, more even backbend? Then this is your workshop! In this workshop we will cover general back flex, but with the main emphasis being how to use those hips for a stronger, safer backbend. With exercises targeting proper glute engagement, deep hip flexor stretching, and overall active backbending, we will get you into those hips and out of your low back for a virtually pain-free backbend.


  • It is HIGHLY recommended that you attend the Elusive Upper Back Workshop prior to this class.

Introduction to Bendy Handstands

Learn proper, safe technique and drills for training forearm stands and handstands in bendy shapes! We'll go through exercises to strengthen and train correct shoulder alignment, go through scorpion and stag/split technique, and work on moving through different backbend-y shapes.



  • Must be able to hold a bridge with arms straight and shoulders stacked over wrists

  • Must be able to hold a handstand (at the wall is fine) for 1 minute

*If you can't do these, this workshop will be too advanced

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In-Person Workshop Info

Catie’s offers in-person workshops for all-levels, as well as int/adv training. The most common workshops are Legs for Days: Foundational Leg Flexibility, Back in Action: Foundational Back Flexibility, and the 2-Day Flexibility Intensive. 


Prices and class size vary depending on location. So make sure to get on the mailing list for information about upcoming workshops!

Legs for Days

This ALL-LEVELS* workshop will focus on technique, alignment, and drills to teach students how to stretch safely and effectively on their own. We will work on how to warm up efficiently for splits, technique and training for splits, and active flexibility. Students will walk away with a good understanding of how to train their leg flexibility (or how to improve their current practice) and achieve their leg flex dreams.


*Beginners are welcome and encouraged to join!

Back in Action

This ALL-LEVELS* workshop delves into the fundamentals of back flexibility with a strong emphasis on back bending safely. We will work on the most effective techniques to help students access their deepest and most comfortable backbend. There will be a heavy focus on the elusive upper back, hip flexors, and shoulders, to ensure students are able to achieve a beautiful, healthy backbend in class and beyond. Bye bye, low back pain!


*Beginners are welcome and encouraged to join!

2-Day Flexibility Intensive

2 Days, 8 hours of flexibility training goodness! During 4 hours of training time each day we will work on:

  • Leg flexibility including hamstrings, hip flexors, middle splits/straddle, square splits, and active flexibility

  • Back flexibility from basics to bridge work (including shoulders, hips flexors, upper back, and neck)

  • Lots of conditioning

This intensive is open to ALL LEVELS. So whether you are new to the bendy life, or have years of experience, you are welcome to join and learn how to improve flexibility in the safest and most efficient ways possible. Get ready to meet some new Shrimpy friends and start seeing serious progress!

If you are a studio owner and would like to host workshops with Catie, see the full info sheet here.

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