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Bendy in Nature

Retreats are our luxury flexibility offer. Venture off to wonderous environments and exotic areas that you've always dreamt of visiting. 

Fields of grass, mountains, water, and tons of flexibility!


Reconnect with nature and leave the noisy modern world behind for a week of peace. Group up with other like-minded people, where you'll go through flexibility exercises and routines led by Catie herself.


It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where you get to enjoy yourself, dive into nature, and learn new flexibility techniques. All wrapped in a carefree package for you to cherish!


After Catie's retreat, you'll leap back flexible and recharged into your productive life!

When can you join?

Naturally, retreats are often held in spring and summer.

However, due to the uncertainty that comes with the pandemic, retreats are on hold.

That said, we are working diligently on preparing the next retreat and can't wait to announce what's to come! 


We'll let you know about our exclusive retreats right away.

Thanks for submitting!

Explore breathtaking environments, take lessons with Catie and enjoy the perfect mix between Luxury & Flexibility.

The Bendy Getaway '22 - Flexibility Retreat

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